Manufacturer of the electronic scales for industry,
trade and medicine in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
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  15A, Pirogovskaya nab.,
St-Petersburg, 194044, RUSSIA




Start production of MK-TP10 scales modification MF

Three modes of work:
— LITE mode
Simple labels printing
Ability to enter the base of items from scales keyboard or PC
Automatic setting label format

Create your own label design
Large library of standard labels


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Electronic scales for industry,
commerce, medicine. Development, production and sale.

Offer to buy the scale of Russia's leading manufacturer of electronic scales JSC MASSA-K. Our scales are reliable and easy to use.

JSC MASSA-K - the biggest Russian producer of electronic weighing technology. We have been working since 1991 and produce electronic scales for industry, commerce and medicine. High quality and reliability, easy of operation and maintenance - these are the main characteristics distinguish the beneficial scales of our production.

Our products are well known in Russia, CIS and far abroad. You can always buy scales JSC MASSA-K from the official dialer.

We are constantly working to expand the range and improve the technical and consumer properties of our products: in 2005, were developed and presented to the market bench scales MK series - the latest generation of electronic scales with digital weighing load cells. In 2007 we released the scales TB series with built-in battery, based on the same principle of weighing.

Currently, for retail and catering, we offer commercial scales MK-T, MK-TB, MK-TH and MK-TH11 with a different arrangement of the keyboard, bright display, the possibility of autonomous power supply and connection to PC. Also popular scales MK-TP (MF) series with printing labels and tickets, intended both for packing of goods, followed by printing the results on the labels, and also the calculation of the cost for the buyer.

Bench scales MK-A are characterized by their versatility and variety of designs. Waterproof Scales MK-AB specifically designed for hard work. Of particular interest are counting scale MK-C, used for counting and accounting of equal weight parts.

Our medical scales TB over the years have earned the confidence of health workers. Professional baby scales MK-AM is very convenient for home use. Presented to the market in 2006, laboratory scales of accuracy class II VK already found a buyer in industry, medicine and jewelry.

We also produce industrial scales of different modifications. The biggest demand is for platform scales 4D-P, for special applications low-profile drive-through scales 4D-L, pallet scales 4D-U and bar scales 4D-B. The weighing of goods on the hook, we offer a series of crane scales EK-A and EK-CM. Any warehouse scale production of "MASSA-K are reliable and easy to operate.

Electronic scales "MASSA-K" - is reliability and quality, time-tested!